About Sharjah

With an ideal location between three continents, Sharjah is the only emirate with ports on both the Arabian Gulf and east coast of the Arabian Peninsula, with direct access to the Indian Ocean. In addition to its port facilities, Sharjah’s international airport connects the emirate to over 280 destinations worldwide. The emirate is progressively establishing itself as a leading business destination with an attractive mix of traditional and contemporary culture.

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Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority

Get the most out of your stay in UAE and explore the emirate of Sharjah. Sharjah, the third largest of the seven emirates comprising the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is a place where a rich cultural history joins with a progressive attitude, and where the warmth of the local Emirati population welcomes visitors, resulting in a location like no other.

With more than 20 outstanding museums to explore, a wide range of dining options representing tastes from around the world, and both modern shopping malls and traditional souks waiting to provide shoppers with an unrivalled tax-free shopping adventure, there is always something exciting to experience in Sharjah.

With an array of activities to choose from, the more sedate to the more adventurous, the below well designed itineraries will help you select the perfect plan that fits your time frame and taste.


Business Opportunity

Sharjah is ready for business

With its financial security, diversified economy, stable political environment, world-class infrastructure, low production costs and pro-industry policies, the Emirate of Sharjah provides an unbeatable platform for success within the region.

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